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And then something comes along that’s just a little bit exciting... that will last a lifetime.
— North Yorkshire Cycling

I have to say I love this idea. And what a great concept for an unusual gift for a rider.
— Fiona Outdoors

A Loopie encapsulates in a timeless fashion a burst of memories.
— Mike / loopie owner

really impressed with the look of this Loopie. It made a great gift for my partner to mark a very special race. He was chuffed and it looks lovely on the wall. It was a unique and beautifully styled piece of art
— leone / loopie gifter

I am no artist, however Loopieroute is, taking my journey and transformed it to a work of art that reminds me of a great day in the saddle

Words always fall short, trying to convey the bike tour experience to friends. Now they see my cycling endeavors translated into a unique work of art by Loopie and immediately appreciate how epic the adventure can be!
— Glenn / Loopie owner

The Loopie is a brilliant reminder of a great day out on the bike. It looks fantastic and I get loads of positive comments about it.
— Duncan / loopie owner

Finding loopie was great!, I’ve been able to have created a completely bespoke and personalise piece of art which remind me every time I look at it of my achievements and memories!
— dave / loopie owner
Wow - the guy who got it ABSOLUTELY loved it man, so happy - keep up the good work.

I came across ‘Loopie’ by chance and thought it was an excellent concept. I did a bit of a ride back in 2013 and had all the data but wasn’t sure if it could be put together into a single ‘work of art’. I contacted Paul and he was very helpful, discussed what I wanted etc and sent the data. The final picture didn’t disappoint and now hangs with pride on my wall.
— Andy / loopie owner

My Loopie takes pride of place on my wall. Not only is it a unique and fascinating artwork it is a just recognition of the sweat and tears of the event itself.

Finding such a novel and personal way to record a major life and cycling event and have it on my wall has kept me inspired to go further with my cycling and can’t wait to complete another major cycle worthy of such high quality detailed and personalised art!
— dave / loopie owner
The quality of the service has been matched by the quality of the product.

It looks fantastic on the wall and it’s a great memento of a tremendous cycling trip. I’m looking forward to riding more routes and capture the experience in print