Loopie creator

This step by step guide will get you up and running (riding) in no time



Select a route

We start by connecting to you Strava account. You can choose from any of your last 200 uploaded rides to start making your Loopie. If you can’t find the ride you’re looking for, press the ‘Refresh Strava’ button. Some rides might be greyed out, this means that they are either too big or too small to make a Loopie.

Currently we only support Strava, but keep checking as we plan to make the site more compatible in future releases.


Create your own Loopie. Prices from £60




All the controls you need to create your Loopie are down the left hand side. Use the four tabs to help you create the perfect print. Want to check how it looks? Press the preview button at any time to see how your image will look on the wall. If you get stuck the 'Reset' button loads your ride again and if you fancy trying another of your rides just press the 'New route' button.


Create your own Loopie. Prices from £60



move tab

In the 'Move' tab you can rotate, scale and tilt your Loopie to find it’s best angle. Play around with it and don’t worry if you get stuck, just hit the ‘reset’ button to start again. If you find the info box is getting in the way, you can move this when you get to the data tab.

You can also move the Loopie image directly with your mouse or finger if you have touch screen. The controls are shown in the help overlay screen.


Create your own Loopie. Prices from £60



advanced tab

This is where the fun stuff happens and you get to make your Loopie look awesome. Make the mountains bigger or smaller, we won’t tell if you don’t! Change the size of the dots in the background or the thickness of the line, try it and see what happens. If you can’t decide what looks best or want a second opinion you can come back to any of the settings to fine tune your print.


Create your own Loopie. Prices from £60



colour tab

At the moment you can swap between light and dark backgrounds and choose between three colours for the line. Use the preview button to check how different backgrounds look on different wall shades. We plan to include more colour options in future releases


Create your own Loopie. Prices from £60



data tab

In the 'Data' tab you can edit all the text and add points of interest along your Loopie line, such as; mountain names, favourite cafe stops or even where your proposed. Hover over the Loopie line and you will see a cross hair and a number. The number tells you how far into the ride this point it. Move up and down the line to find the right distance for your desired location and click. A pop up window appears allowing you to add the location name, select the data you want to show and where to position the text. When you’re happy, click ‘submit’.

Don’t worry if you change your mind, you can edit or delete this location afterwards. The data tab also allows you to edit the start and finish markers to give them proper names.

If you want to change the location of the info box, click and drag its move icon. Don’t forget to name your ride and you can edit any of the text in the info box as well.


Create your own Loopie. Prices from £60



preview and order

Take your time to make sure you have created the perfect Loopie. If you decide to make a few more tweaks just hit the back button and if you’ve gone Loopie blind don’t worry, just press the save button and come back to it later.

When you’ve created your masterpiece select order and go to our secure checkout.


Create your own Loopie. Prices from £60