Back in the saddle

Hello and welcome to a new launch of Loopie. Back in 2013 my two (outside of the family) loves of cycling and graphic design collided when I bought a Garmin 500. After uploading the first ride I was struck by the levels of data generated from a single ride. Speed, distance, climbs, heart rate and more all captured in the numbers. Informative yes, beautiful less so. What it didn't capture for me was the sense of 'epic' (there are some steep hills in the Yorkshire Dales). I wanted something to celebrate all  that huffing and puffing. All that achievement. Something I could put on my wall and say "There... I did that".  Loopie was born and the journey began. 

From the start I had a very clear image of what I wanted a loopie to look like. A paint stroke, a 'woosh' that evoked the speed and dynamics you feel on a ride. It was also important for me that the artistic representation should be as factual as possible. So your .gpx data forms the starting point of every Loopie made.

For the last 18 months Loopie has been creating mementos of your epic rides. You supplied us with the data and we created a piece of bespoke artwork to order ready for you to hang on your wall. The exciting news is that you can now create your own Loopie.

Loopie connects with your Strava account allowing you to select any of your last 200 rides. Your Strava details are loaded into the creator tool, giving you a 360 degree view of your ride. You are then ready to start personalising your Loopie with the following features:

- Tilt and scale to find the perfect angle
- Make the mountains bigger
- Change background and line colour
- Add key climbs/locations along your ride

There is no right or wrong when it comes to creating a Loopie, just have fun, if you need some inspiration have a look through the website for examples. Once you have created your Loopie you can order the print, save for later, share with your friends or try another ride.

Make yours now here:

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