4 tips to make your Loopies look great

Here are four simple steps I use to get Loopies looking their best. Every route is different  but these will be a good starting point. The most important thing to remember is there is no right or wrong. Press all the buttons and slide all the sliders. This is your ride and your art.



Move mountains

I always start by giving the mountain slider a good boost. If your route isn't in a mountain region this helps bring out the landscape features that might not be clear to see when your route first loads. Slide the mountain scale to its highest then reduce down till you're happy with the result. You can keep coming back and adjusting this. Some routes are just pancake flat though ;).



Go dotty

Make the terrain dots smaller. The smaller the dots the more of the terrain detail you can see. Each route scales the dots slightly differently depending on the size of the ride, so play with the sliding scale to see which size looks the best. You can also change the height of the Loopie line as well.



80% RULE

Start by increasing the size of your Loopie to fill about 80% of the image area. From experience this is a comfortable balance that doesn't get too close to the papers edge or make it feel lost on the page. Then give your Loopie a 360 degree spin. Choose the one most natural for your route shape. You may need to readjust the scale and position slightly after rotating.




With 360 degrees of choice, where should you point your Loopie? Try moving the end point of your ride to the front of the picture. This gives a focal point to your destination and is normally where the more exciting bits happen. This will also give your image a natural sense of perspective.


Happy riding and creating.

paul sonleyComment