Due South

Every Loopie represents a unique personal achievement, whether it was a col crested, an adventure to new lands or how they met their future husband. A Loopie print reflects a lot more than the sum of its data and memorable achievements know no scale. Everyone has their own challenge or journey that they want to celebrate whether that's a three mile mountain bike trek or a 3500 mile race across the United States, each one is beautiful in its own right as you are able to say, 'I did that'.


Then once in a while a Loopie will come along that you can quite literally set aside from the rest. One that not only represents a huge personal challenge but also sets a few records along the way as well.


In 2016 Luke Robertson skied solo and unassisted to the South Pole, Antarctica. In doing so he became the first Scot, the youngest Brit and the second youngest in history to achieve this. The club he joins still has less than 20 members and his achievement is all the more remarkable as he is the only one to do this having undergone lifesaving brain surgery as well as having a pacemaker fitted. It was during his recovery and after spending time talking to cancer sufferers that Luke was inspired to embark on his adventure to the South Pole.


Beginning at Hercules Inlet, Luke covered a distance of 730 miles across one of the last great wildernesses of the plant. For 39 days and 8 hours he dragged 108 kilograms of equipment behind him in temperatures of -50C and winds of up to 100mph. Over the course of his trek he burned more than 395,000 calories, climbing from sea level to a height of 9000ft. He also smashed his fundraising target of £25,000 to raise a staggering £85,000 (including gift aid) for Marie Curie.


Luke's wife, Hazel, ordered the Loopie for his birthday but judging by what they have planned for later this year we hope that they have left some wall space for a few more. The couple are busy preparing for a joint adventure and a world-first as they are planning to travel the full length of Alaska by human power alone. You can keep up-to-date with their progress at their expedition website:

Due North: Alaska

Chapeau to both of you from all of us at Loopie. Inspirational.

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