Location, location, location

Personalise your Loopie even more by adding key locations along the line. This can be anything from heroic mountain cols or the best croissant in the alps to where you got down on one cleat and popped the question. The more unique the better. 

Select the data tab to enable the location editing tools. Rolling over the Loopie line changes your mouse into a cross hair. The distance shown next to the cross hair is the distance into the ride at that point. Trace the cursor along you Loopie until you get to the correct distance for your marker. Then click and pop up window appears.


The tabs

Type in the name of your memorable location.

Choose which of your data stats to show next to your location name; distance into the ride, time into the ride and elevation at that point. You can select any combination or none at all.

Decide where around the line the best position for your maker is. This could change depending on how you rotate your Loopie. Selecting 'Auto place' should work out the best position to place your text. This is not always true and you know best, so override this with the; Above, Left, Right and Below manual selections.

Press 'Confirm' to see your marker added to your Loopie line. You can continue rotating and adjusting your Loopie image and the marker will be anchored to where ever you placed it.


Editing your location marker

Nothing is set in stone :) To change a location marker move your mouse over the text or tap on a touch screen. Two icons, edit and delete will appear. Click edit to bring up the pop up again or click delete to remove the marker completely.

As a guide, 4-5 location markers are a good number on a Loopie.

Happy riding and creating.

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