The info box

The info box is a summary or your ride statistics. This data is taken straight from your Strava account. To edit any of the information within the info box you must first select the 'Data' tab on the left hand side.

Change the position of the info box

The default location of the info box is at the bottom right of the image. You can move this box anywhere you like to achieve the best balance with your Loopie. When you select the 'Data' tab a move icon appears next to the info box. Click and drag this with your mouse or finger to place the box anywhere on the image. As you move this, a bounding box appears around it. Use this as a positional guide to help you from overlapping with the Loopie line or a location marker.

Add a ride title and edit the data

Every new route has the default text 'Route title'. Click over this text to edit it. There is no limit to the length of your title. Use the return key to split your title over multiple lines. The default rider name is taken from your Strava account. To change this just click on the name, delete it and type in the correct name. You can add more than one name in here.

Do the same to edit any of the data fields as well. Worth noting that if you reduce your over all time this will not affect you average speed. You would need to recalculate and add this yourself.

Saving what you've done

To save any changes, press the 'Preview and Order' button. This remembers any movement adjustments and changes to the info box you have made. These will appear next time you select this route.

Kilometers or Miles?

Underneath the data tab use the units toggle to instantly swap between kilometers or miles. It will update all the readings across your Loopie. 


Happy riding and creating.


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